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Sam Kane Beef Processors, Incorporated was founded in 1949 in Corpus Christi, Texas. The primary objective then, as today, was to provide customers with high quality meats and service.

Sam Kane Beef is a leader in developing and implementing new beef processing technologies in an effort to provide our customers with the highest possible quality meats and services.


Sam Kane acquired by Texas cattlemen
Tom Johnston, 5/2/2013

[...] Sam Kane Beef Processors announced [May 2, 2013] that the company has been acquired in a private transaction by a group of Texas ranchers and cattlemen.

The company will keep the same name and is continuing operations without interruption, in its existing headquarters. The new ownership also has retained nearly all of Sam Kane’s 700 employees.

[...] [T]he company said “the change injects new liquidity and strength into the operation, securing this vital element of the South Texas cattle industry.”

“The Sam Kane plant is a mainstay of the South Texas cattle and agribusiness community," said Lou Waters, CEO of the new Sam Kane Beef Processors LLC, in the release. “There are many strengths that we can work with, especially our skilled workforce and the loyalty of our partners and customers. We are confident in this business’s long-term potential and look forward to growing the company and to expanding the Sam Kane reach in the market.”

Founded in 1949 by Sam and Aranka Kane, Sam Kane Beef Processors has been in continuous business in its current location in Corpus Christi since 1951. The company says it is the only fed-beef processor in the southern half of the state.